Monthly Archives: May 2010

Donate to Charity With Capital One Credit Cards

RSF Social Finance reports that “Capital One credit cards provide an innovative rewards system where you can donate to any charity of your choice that uses Network for Good. Capital One will pay the fees, you get the tax benefit, and your favorite charity has more funding!”

Give cash or donate No Hassle Rewards with a Capital One credit card and 100% of your donation reaches your charity.

What a great collaboration. Instead of vilifying credit card companies, as many of us do, you can partner with one to do good.

It’s too easy and convenient to blame our economic problems on the “bad guys” and avoid asking ourselves how our own choices contribute to the current financial crisis. It’s not us against them, whoever “they” happen to be. When we look for common ground, and let go of labeling some people as good and others as bad, we create changes that everyone can buy into.