About This Blog

This blog is a place for you and I to reflect on our relationships with money and work, and to look at what these relationships tell us about our lives.

Every culture is organized around something deeply valued by its people.  A culture may revolve around religion, military activity, the arts and humanities, basic survival.  Because we take action and chart our life directions in the context of our cultures, we do well to develop insight into our shared values and assumptions.

It is safe to say that the culture of the United States is organized around money and work.  This is neither good nor bad;  it just is.  Our feelings about ourselves relative to money, what money represents to us, what our work expresses or doesn’t express about us — mining these places tells us where we are now and where we wish to go.

No matter how scared, resigned, happy, or overwhelmed you may feel about money and work, you will only benefit from finding your stories about them. Examine these stories without judgment.  They point us towards what needs healing and where we need to stretch.


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